Last words of the master of the world

the Blessed One said, ‘it may be, Ananda, that some of you may think,

“The word of the master is ended; we have no teacher any more”, but you should not regard it so.

The Dhamma that has been preached by me and the rules that I have laid down, let them be your teachers when I am gone’.

ພຣະພຸດທະອົງຕັດວ່າ, ‘ອານົນ ພວກທ່ານອາດຈະວິຕົກວ່າ, ” ພຣະສາດສະດາລ່ວງໄປແລ້ວ, ພຣະສາດສະດາຂອງເຮົາບໍ່ມີອີກແລ້ວ”, ພວກທ່ານຢ່າໄດ້ຄິດຢ່າງນັ້ນ.
ທັມວິນັຍອັນເຮົາສະແດງແລະບັນຍັດໄວ້ແລ້ວ, ທັມວິນັຍເຫຼົ່ານັ້ນຈະເປັນສາດສະດາຂອງພວກທ່ານ ໂດຍການລ່ວງໄປແຫ່ງເຮົາ’.

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